Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Daily Goals"

So this summer is coming to an end here pretty soon, I am so excited to get back to Utah but so sad to leave this experience. This has been the best summer I could have ever asked for! Allyson and I have really taken it easy here in Jersey, I am going to miss the long days at to pool and watching movies every night. We have what we call our "Daily Goals" for example sometimes our goal for the day is to wake up before noon and go swim suit shopping or go pick up a few groceries...some days our goals are harder than others but as you can see we get them done!

Goal for the day, Groceries at Target. Check! Goal for the day, paint our nails and watch the Bachelorette! Check... Life is rough!


  1. Oh your killing me. I don't think you can call any of those things goals. More like "fun things to do that day". Floating the river sounds amazing! How fun! We're counting down the days until you return to us. I'm afraid you may be here before this little boy of ours is, ha! Love you!

  2. Haha! I love your goals! They're hilarious! Get home already, would ya!? Can't wait to see you and have bachelor pad parties. Ha. Love you!